Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are taking all precautionary measures to ensure that we keep our social distancing. When we are onsite, we distance ourselves from the client and ensure we always wear face masks and gloves. Before we leave site, all equipment is properly wiped down as per the recommended guidelines outlined by the Victorian Chief Health Officer.

Welcome to Complete Security Systems

Founded in 2017, Complete Security Systems is a Melbourne based business located in Bentleigh.

When it comes to the security of your property, it can be quite difficult to find the right solution, with so many security systems available on the market.

A personalised approach

We understand that no two buildings are the same and as such requirements will vary. We pride ourselves on personal service and take the time understand what your requirements are before we develop a tailored solution for you.

Residential Security

Your family is what matters most in your life, and whether you want a security system to protect them while you sleep at night, or a camera installation to detect intruders while you’re away, we can find a solution for you. Our home security systems are top-of-the-line. Whether you’re seeking a simple HD camera system or a full-fledged setup on your premises, we can help you protect your family and everything you care about.

Business Security

If you’re a business owner, your shop is your bread and butter. Without protecting it, your life’s work could be stolen or destroyed in an instant. Likewise, during the day, your staff deserve the peace of mind knowing that a security system is being monitored to help protect them from dangerous unwanted visitors. If you’re just seeking a HD camera system, we can help you get one installed quickly and affordable. Or, if you’re looking for a complete security system complete with cameras and alarm, we can do that too. We handle projects every where in between, and we always work diligently and efficiently.

Brands we Trust